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Looking For Efficient And Experienced Legal Counsel For A Business Contract?

Business contracts are the foundation for the security of every business operation, no matter how large or small. It is well worth investing time and thoughtful attention to every business contract — whether it is an initial partnership agreement, a vendor agreement, or a buy-sell agreement.

Chula Vista, California, Attorneys For Business Contracts

At the Chula Vista law firm of Green & Green LLP, we offer diligent and careful business law services — including drafting, review and negotiation of business contracts. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a business law attorney. Before you spend money on pre-written business contracts, contact us to discover critically important terms your contracts should include.

As experienced business lawyers, we prefer to draft business contracts ourselves, rather than to review client prepared contracts after the fact when there is a problem. It is more efficient — and more cost-effective — for our clients when we do so. It is far easier to write thorough, enforceable business contracts for an individual client’s particular situation than it is to make corrections to existing documents.

Shareholder Agreements — Real Estate Contracts — Loan Agreements

We negotiate and draft all kinds of contracts and advise our business clients through final approval and signing:

  • Operating agreements: We write operating agreements for all types of business entities, including shareholder agreements and buy-sell agreements
  • Vendor contracts: When business operations expand, we negotiate and write contracts with vendors and distributors
  • Real estate contracts: We have significant experience writing contracts for real estate leasing and other types of real estate transactions
  • Loan agreements: When a business borrows money, we thoroughly evaluate the loan agreement, most importantly the liability clauses to ensure that the agreement does not include a personal guarantee making the business owner personally responsible for loan repayment

Contact Green & Green LLP for an appointment to discuss your legal needs with regard to business contracts.