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Let Our Seasoned Lawyers Help You With Commercial Real Estate Leasing Matters

Our attorneys advise and assist many property owners, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals as they evaluate and enter lease agreements. Whether you are seeking to rent out property for business purposes or obtain a lease that is favorable to operating your own business, we encourage you to contact us at Green & Green LLP.

Commercial Leasing Advisors In Chula Vista, California

Leases can be lengthy, complex and difficult to understand. We have years of experience and specific legal training that enable us to protect your interests as either a lessor or lessee — a landlord or tenant.

Our lawyers will explain the issues we see in ordinary language you can understand, rather than the “legalese” found in leases and other contracts.

Understanding The Objectives Of Property Owners And Lessees

As in other types of contracts, the goals of the participating parties are very different in any commercial leasing transaction. The lessor’s primary objective is often achieving full occupancy at the desired rate. However, there are many terms and conditions that can be written into a customized lease to protect the property owner’s interests.

If you are a professional or small-business owner asked to sign a lease, you are making a major commitment that calls for due diligence and a full understanding of the contract you are entering. Some of the critical considerations we can evaluate and may be able to negotiate include:

  • Whether you are entering a gross lease or net lease — a crucial difference involving who will be responsible for property taxes, utilities, maintenance and other expenses
  • The term of the lease and options for renewal

We have handled commercial leasing transactions involving many types of property — including retail, hotel, industrial and office leases. Please contact us today if you need counsel that will help protect your rights and business interests.