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Knowledgeable Estate And Gift Taxation Counsel

At Green & Green LLP, we are dedicated to helping people make the best available choices for protecting the value of their property and assets. We hear many misconceptions involving the impact of estate taxes and legal methods of avoiding them. If you are currently considering decisions that require reliable information about taxation and estate planning, please contact us today.

Addressing The Complexities Of Gift And Estate Taxes

One of the most common instances of misinformation is the idea that transferring a home or other property to a child as a gift is always preferable to waiting for distribution as part of the parent’s estate. The reason we hear most often is, “We want to keep the house (or other asset) out of probate to save all those fees.”

In many cases, our experienced attorneys can deliver information and counsel that will save many thousands or more in taxes over time. We understand the intricacies of estate and gift taxes in California and can help you consider both near-term and longer-term possibilities. Often, the most effective and practical solution is the formation of a living trustfor the current owner of the property..

Working With Families For The Best Outcome

Our efforts in this area often involve patient, clear explanation of the laws and other considerations to all parties involved. We have facilitated many meetings between family members, providing objective guidance that can sometimes reduce the possibility of disputes based on incorrect information.

Diligence And Integrity That Build Lasting Relationships

It is important to be conscious of whether your estate planning lawyer has strong, direct experience in this field. Some legal service providers may execute your requests in estate planning and asset transfer matters without exploring and presenting alternatives.

As a long-standing, family-oriented Chula Vista law firm, we are committed to building relationships that carry through generations. In our view, this requires diligence and caring counsel that help you discover the best available solution for your family’s financial future.

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