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Interested In A Will Or Trust ? We Can Help.

Even if you have relatively modest assets, consulting a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can be critical to transferring as much as possible to those you leave behind. For objectivity and guidance as you consider developing a will, trust and other estate planning documents, please contact us today.

Taking Your Wishes, Tax Consequences And Other Factors Into Account

Led by Michael A. Green, a lawyer with over 40 years ‘ experience in California law, Green & Green LLP takes the time to hear you out and understand all considerations involved with your will, trust and other planning needs.

For almost any California resident who owns real estate or other assets with a gross value exceeding $100,000, a will alone is simply not the best solution. If your estate may be valued at over $5 million, strategies for minimizing estate taxes are a major consideration.

The concept of “basic” estate planning has changed substantially over the past several decades. For example, not everyone realizes that simply owning his or her home probably means that he or she needs a living trust to best protect his or her assets. In many cases, the administration process after an owner passes away may cost 10 to 20 percent of the amount that would be required if the estate were to go through probate.

Creating An Estate Plan That Meets Your Needs

Our knowledge of estate planning extends to:

  • Selecting the best combination of estate planning instruments for your personal estate, based on your goals and tax planning needs
  • Crafting both revocable and irrevocable trusts to properly and efficiently transfer business and personal holdings. We also handle the administration of trusts.
  • Drafting clear, thorough and enforceable living wills and durable medical powers of attorney, to give you a voice in your future medical decisions
  • Providing informed, quality counsel on the financial implications of gifting money, real estate, businesses or other assets during one’s lifetime, as compared to transferring this property via wills or trusts
  • Dealing specifically with your concerns about the distribution of assets to heirs through your trusts — including the authority of your trustee to determine the distribution of assets to children as they reach adulthood
  • Providing advice and counsel to non-resident aliens on estate planning and estate tax matters, as well as creating estate plans to meet the unique needs of foreign nationals with real estate or other assets in the United States

For more information, please consult our responses to frequently asked questions about trusts.

Amending Wills And Trusts

We have assisted many people whose needs or goals have changed since they initially drafted their wills and trusts. If you need to amend an existing will or trust, and want to ensure that this is done properly, please contact our law office for personal attentive service.