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Serving Clients In The Chula Vista, California, Area With Over 40 Years of Experience

Skilled Legal Advisors For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

At Green & Green LLP, we have over 40 years of experience representing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in the Chula Vista, California, area and throughout San Diego County. Our familiarity with the area and the many complexities of California law enable us to protect our clients’ interests in these high-stakes transactions.

If you are considering the sale or purchase of commercial property or unimproved land in the South Bay Area, please contact our lawyers for knowledgeable counsel and representation.

Counsel On Environmental Considerations And Due Diligence

All real estate transactions in California contain the potential for disputes, but commercial real estate and undeveloped land involve many unique, important factors. We have the experience to help you protect your rights and make the best possible decisions, while helping anticipate and resolve many key issues such as:

  • Environmental considerations that may have a major bearing on both the land’s value and whether it can be used for the buyer’s intended purpose
  • The terms of the purchase/sale agreement and any other relevant real estate contracts, including what specific warranties are required as to the property’s condition
  • Time allowed for due diligence before a full commitment to the transaction is made

Our lawyers understand the common objectives of both real estate buyers and sellers, and we will engage with you fully to understand your specific needs and concerns. We also check for potential issues regarding permits, zoning and others specific to San Diego County. Our experience extends to providing advisory services on complex financing.

If you would like the advantage of a proven attorney on your side in a commercial real estate transaction, please contact our Chula Vista law office today.