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Comprehensive And Catered Estate Planning Services

Whether prompted by a change in your family circumstances or growing awareness of long-term needs, your decision to develop a solid estate plan is very important. At Green & Green LLP, our approach is thorough, caring and comprehensive.

Please contact us for answers to your questions and reliable legal counsel on wills, trusts and other estate planning documents that can ensure your assets are protected and passed on according to your specific wishes.

Identifying Solutions Based On A Full Understanding Of Your Needs

We are well-equipped to help you develop a plan that accounts for:

  • All types of assets — from stocks and investment accounts to real estate and business interests
  • The possibility of incapacity before you pass away
  • Your preferences for who will make decisions on your behalf
  • Minimizing tax liabilities in order to preserve the maximum value of all assets you may leave behind

Specific California probate requirements mean that virtually every homeowner — or owner of other real estate — is likely to benefit from the formation of a living trust or other estate planning that goes beyond the drafting of a will alone.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and families by conscientiously providing services such as:

  • Formation of various trusts ideally suited to the client’s estate size and other considerations
  • Drafting powers of attorney and advanced health care directives (also known as living wills)
  • Handling a full range of estate administration matters for executors and trustees

Prepared To Handle Your Business Interests Or International Considerations

Working with an accomplished, trustworthy estate planning lawyer can be especially important if you own a business. We will help you consider issues such as:

  • Succession planning for your business — including whether your current business entity or structure should be changed for purposes of ultimately transferring ownership
  • Identification of other critical business and real estate issues, including governance, licensing, land use and other permitting requirements that can be dealt with proactively through your estate plan

If your estate planning needs involve people who hold different citizenship statuses — as, for example, one spouse who is a nonresident alien — we are familiar with the special laws and considerations that may pertain to you.

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If you are currently evaluating your estate planning needs, please contact our law office today.