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As a long-standing business supporter and community leader in Chula Vista, attorney Michael A. Green is a trusted resource for people as they form, operate and expand their enterprises.

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The law firm of Green & Green LLP is prepared to help you weigh the benefits and risks of many key business decisions. Please contact us today for a consultation that could be the best step you take in laying a strong foundation for business success and stability.

Selection Of The Best Type Of Business Organization

If you are embarking on a business venture, you are in the midst of an exciting and stressful time. One of the many questions you will need to address effectively is the type of business organization that is ideal for you. Common types of business organizations — or entities — include:

Experienced Consideration Of All Key Issues

It is risky to rely on non-lawyers when making this key decision. Instead, we strongly recommend speaking with a qualified, experienced attorney who will help you consider issues including:

  • The people involved in ownership and management of the organization
  • Your need for limited liability and various types of insurance
  • Succession or other business plans in the event of one owner’s death or decision to leave the business
  • Any need to raise capital through securities sales or by other means
  • The impact of your choice of business organization on income tax obligations and accounting needs
  • Preparation for compliance with often-complex governmental requirements, which may vary according to the type of business organization you select

Ability To Execute And Fulfill Your Ongoing Business Needs

We recognize that you are taking a major step, and our approach to your needs is interactive and thorough. Applying many years of experience, our attorneys will take seriously the questions of what you need and how it should be done.

We can then guide you through all necessary processes of establishing your business organization and any partnership agreements, including preparation and filing of all entity documents, development or customization of operating agreements, and drafting of buy/sell or other succession agreements that meet your specific needs.

For a pleasant, productive legal consultation focused on you and your business goals, please contact our office today.