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What Happens When No Will Exists?

When a person dies without leaving a will or other valid estate planning documents, attorneys refer to the process of distributing assets as “estate administration process” and the person who passed away as dying “Intestate.” “Intestate” is a legal term for “without a will.”

Under the California probate code, the estates of those who die without wills or other valid estate planning instruments may be required to pass through probate administration in local probate court. The purpose of this process is to settle the estate and transfer ownership of any assets to the appropriate beneficiary as required by California law.

California law has strict rules about who is entitled to receive the property of people who die without wills. Property passes to relatives of the deceased according to the closeness of their family relationships and the marital status of the decedent.

Dying Without a Will: People who don’t have substantial assets often assume that they do not need a will. It is true that the California probate code will dictate inheritance of assets — such as a home and a car — when no will exists. But it is also true that even basic estate planning can save your surviving family members significant time and expense during the process of arranging the distribution of your assets after death.

Attorneys In Chula Vista, California, Handling Probate Administration For Estates Without Wills

At the Chula Vista, California, law firm of Green & Green LLP, we are frequently called on by the family members of those who have passed away without leaving wills. Our lawyers and staff, led by 30-year veteran attorney Michael A. Green, offer practical and affordable assistance to family members during the difficult time immediately following the death of a loved one.

We will explain how the probate process works in cases where there is no will. We can also answer your questions about how to finance the probate process and how long the proceedings will take.

Throughout our representation, we offer caring and compassionate service, along with intelligent analysis of how to maximize the value of assets available for distribution after the probate process is complete.

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